Monday, July 20, 2009

Fly Me To Edinburg

Luxury Hotels are taking their interior designs to higher heights as fashion designers are put on board to design and construct hotels, from outside to interior, in some of the most fashionable places in Europe and the Middle East (Dubai) etc.

One collaborative project that I adore is the Missoni Fashion House and The Rezidor Hotel Group of Brussels, Belgium . The two have come together to build a couple of hotels, one in Edinburg Scotland and the other in the shopping & entertainment district of Salmiya, Kuwait.

I must say, Missoni has definitely been a leading fashion brand that has now brought forth a new trend, or wave, of luxury lifestyle hotels.

Furthermore, HOTEL MISSONI is no longer a concept but open for business!!!!

Now I'm aspiring to stay here in Edinburg, for sure! CRAZZZZY

Lobby & Atmosphere:

Rooms & Suites:

To book a room click here.

PLuSH her eyes open wide!

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