Sunday, July 19, 2009

Polyvore Gallore

PLuSH Honey
PLuSH Honey by PLuSH Empress featuring Criminal Damage
With 3 rings on each hand both of these summer hunnies are destined to outshine the sun! Clothes are kept to a minimum so the accessories, hardware and jewels can are truly balling!
I got a PLuSH on U
I got a PLuSH on U by PLuSH Empress featuring Miss Selfridge

The 2 women in the picture are in a daydream about dressing in apparel they consider to be 'step outside of the box' sans eveyday wear. Can you guess which outfit belongs to who? Thats right.

Ms sunglasses is the colourful, bedazzled, oversized type so we put her in a tight ensemble with jewelled sandals, loose fitting jacket, big brim hat and retro sunnies.

Ms flower in the cheveux is more of the playful hipster meets edgy type so we put her in a red and black body suit & pumps with funkdelic tights along with a Fedora.
Regardless these 2 have a knack for PLuSH ready to rumble style!
PLuSH Outfitted
PLuSH Outfitted by PLuSH Empress featuring Tibi dresses

Two girlfriends from different worlds become friends. For an all day outing, both friends wear African print inspired ensembles. Girlfriend to the left of the middle opts for more earth tone colours while the other goes for her native patriot colours. Still, both girls borrow from each other and share the same influences. Subsequently, they complete each other and together they are unstoppable and inseparable!
PLuSH Wildchild
PLuSH Wildchild by PLuSH Empress featuring Nina shoes
It's off to the shore for this fabulous feline where a pool party and some much needed relaxation time awaits. No flip flops permitted poolside...high heels only!!!
The Chick-lette
The Chick-lette by PLuSH Empress featuring Diane von Furstenberg dresses

2 long dresses, 2 different looks. The outfit to the right of the middle has more of a darker coloured Gothic feel to it whereas the one to the left is more colourful and hippie accented. Get in where you fit in!

PLuSH Empress...says polyvore is the new drug!

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