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PLuSH In Full Bloom♔

(Above Bouquet: Carnations) I thought it would be a good idea to post different types of flowers and their history, as floral arrangements are important Feng Shui elements to an event, present or home gardening along with many many other things.

First Pair: Blue Rose & Purple Rose

Second Pair: Peony's & Jacaranda Tree from Brazil
Third Pair: Sunflower & Chrysanthemums

Fourth Pair: Kaffir Lily and Camellia

Fifth Pair:Belladonna Lily & African Violet

Sixth Pair: Blue Jasmin & Lilacs

Seventh Pair:Magnolia & Tulips

Eighth Pair: Calla Lily & Bachelors Button

Ninth Pair:Hydrangeas & Daisies

Flower Index

African Violet ~ Symbolic Meaning: The plant is native to the highlands of tropical eastern Africa; widely spread in the Nguru Mountains of Tanzania. African violets are five-petal led. Growing in clusters of 3-10 or even more, they are bilaterally symmetrical in violet, white and pink colors. The name for these flowers vary from 'Amazen Grace', 'Claret Queen,' 'Dupont Blue' and 'Glacier' to 'Little Jewel', 'Mini Marina', 'Pink Miracle' and 'Porcelain.'

Bachelors Button ~ Symbolic Meaning: Celibacy! The inhabitant of Europe has such common names as Cornflower, Basket flower, Boutonniere and Bluebottle. The blooms represent a ring of a several big florets that surround a central cluster of disc florets. Bachelors Button is cultivated as a gardening ornamental plant with other cultivars coming in pastel colors such as pink and purple. Sometimes the plant serves as a culinary ornament. It makes a tea component and is popular in the Lady Grey blend of Twinings.

Belladonna Lily ~ Symbolic Meaning: Belladonna lily, Naked lily, Magic lily, Resurrection lily - all these are the name of Amaryllis. A lot of gardeners tend to prefer growing these attractive plants. The flowers perfect as they may last for about a week or even more in floral arrangements.

Calla Lilys ~ Symbolic Meaning: Calla lily originates from the South Africa; here the plants are growing in such a large abundance that they are considered to be common roadside plants named "pig lilies." The blossoms are available during the whole year in various shades of red, mauve-pink, ivory and golden-yellow. The cut flower may stay for 4-8 days. It does well at room temperature and requires much water. Calla lily is commonly used in contemporary designs and various floral arrangements for wedding occasions, corsages, and boutonnieres.

Camellia ~ Symbolic Meaning: Everlasting love; you are perfect in every way and I admire you. Since old times young lovers expressed their love through this flower as it was the symbol of devotion to each other. The Chinese believe that camellia's petals reflect the spirit of a lady.
with the meaning of "flower of Zeus" from the Greek language.

Carnation ~ Symbolic Meaning: With the meaning "flower of Zeus," from the Greek language, the carnation is a fascinating flower that is either a standard carnation with a big flower borne per long stem, or a spray carnation with plenty of miniature blossoms. Carnation is the popular and best-selling cut flower in the United Kingdom.

Chrysanthemums ~ Symbolic Meaning: The name chrysanthemum is derived from the Greek words "krus anthemon" that is translated as ‘gold flower’. The flower originates from Europe, Asia and South Africa. The flower has a lot of alternative names such as pompoms, spiders, Fuji's and daisies.

Daisies ~ Symbolic Meaning: As a lot of related flowering plants bear the name "Daisy", this species can be called Common Daisy, Lawn Daisy or sometimes English daisy. This evergreen plant is sometimes thought of as a 'weed on lawns,' however a lot of flower lovers enjoy the look of its blossoms.

Hydrangeas ~ Symbolic Meaning: Believed that the flower reflects its giver, thankfulness for its receiver, understanding. Hydrangea was found first in the country of Japan. Its name is derived from the Greek word “hydor,” that means ‘water’, and “angos,” means ‘jar’ or ‘vessel’. Its translation is “water barrel,” with the reference to the fact that the flower needs a lot of water to survive. It is said that the hydrangea is a Grandmother's old-time flower. The flower is available in white, purple, pink, red and blue colors.

Blue Jasmin ~ Symbolic Meaning: Grace and Elegance. Jasmine is a well-know flower throughout the world. The blooming time of the plant is in spring or summer seasons. Jasmin is highly appreciated for it's fragrance.

Kaffir Lily ~ Symbolic Meaning: Clivia miniata or Kaffir Lily originates from South Africa. The plant produces trumpet-like blooms that come in clusters of 20-30 flowers. Today the flowers can be met in hues of orange to red, yellow and whitish.

Lilac ~ Symbolic Meaning: These flowers are excessively odorous and attractive for bees, butterflies and birds. Lilacs are famous shrubs grown in cottage gardens of England. Lilacs are available from October to May in white, mauve, violet and pink. The flowers in purple shades, are distinguished by their stronger smell and grow only in spring for a very short period of time.

Magnolias ~ Symbolic Meaning: Dignity and Splendid Beauty. These attractive species are the inhabitants of eastern North America, South America, Central America, the West Indies, and Southeast Asia. Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi which is usually called Magnolia State.

Peony ~ Symbolic Meaning: Peony originates from Europe, Asia and North America and is one of the most favorite garden plants. The blooms are very odorous and usually are growing to serve as ornamental plants. Their colors vary, ranging from pure white through baby pinks and pale peaches to deep pink and dark rich maroon. They symbolize luxury, indulgence, happy life and marriage.

Rose ~ Symbolic Meaning: These lovely flowers originated more than 4,000 years ago. They were first grown in the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the Middle East. Roses are available all the year round in a vast variety of shades, colors and sizes.

Sunflower ~ Symbolic Meaning: Name comes from the two Greek words ‘helios’, which means "sun," and anthos, which means "flower." The bloom has its origin from North America. The sunflower is widely grown for its seeds which are used for oil manufacture. The attractive shades and colors of sunflowers makes them a great focal flower in many styles of designs and arrangements.

Tulips ~ Symbolic Meaning:Perfect lover, Fame, Love, Passion, Romance, charity and declaration of love. The Latin name of the flower is Tulipa. This lovely plant is recognized as the national flower of Iran and Turkey. The blooms are available from November till May in red, pink, white, yellow, orange, purple colors; bi—colored flowers are also can be found. This attractive flower makes perfect bouquets and is an uncommon addition to any style- arrangements.


PLuSH enamoured with life.

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