Friday, July 10, 2009

☆The Mother of All Inventions☆

1.7” touch screen LCD TV
2. Steam shower
3. Jacuzzi (whirlpool massage)
4. Ozone function
5. Tropical monsoon top shower
6. Top lights, front lights, underwater light
7. 2-speakers
8. Exhaust fan
9. Ozone outlet
10. 2-multifunctional hand-held showers
11. Changeover switch
12. Hot and cold water control switch
13. Thermostatic faucet
14. Hand-held showers control switch
15. 12 back massage jets (cycle jets)
16. Mirror
17. Towel rack
18. Feet massage device
19. Remote control panel
20. Glass shelf
21. Steam outlet
22. Waterfall inlet
23. Twin headrests and twin seats
24. Water pump starter (whirlpool massage)
25. Whirlpool massages intensity adjustor
26. Whirlpool massage jets (5 big, 4 small)
27. kick-off Drain
28. FM Radio and Radio save
29. Telephone receiver
30. Temperature probe head and temperature adjustment
33. MP3 connection and VCD/DVD connection
34. TV/AV switch
35. Solid step with skid-proof mat
36. Handle
37.bubble jets

Dimensions - 1500*1500*2140mm
Retail: £2599.99
Mosonic Price: £1799.99 approx3 $ 3362.75

Crystal Benz??????

Source: Mercedes-Benz SL600 studded with 300,000 Swarovski crystals was exhibited, earlier this year, at the international convention center of MAKUHARI MESSE and the Tokyo Auto Salon in Chiba, Japan. The luxury benz is the work of D.A.D., a Japanese brand in car accessories. The car was on display in gold and silver but is not for sale.

Versace Interior Private Jet...
Room for Leisure...

For Work...

For Dining...
Source: Gianni Versace S.p.A of Milan, in collaboration with TAG Aircraft Interiors Limited (TAG-AI), have designed and manufactured custom elements for executive jet interiors, specifically, Boeing BBJ and Airbus CJ aircrafts. A previous prototype design for the cabin interiors of Global XRS private jets was presented; but, the new armchair carried Versace’s signature look and was therefore displayed to the aviation public at Dubai Air Show a couple years ago.

Versace even does the interior of helicopters...

Which Celebrities are jet setting it nowadays...

Sean Combs & Jessica Simpson are on their GLoBAL GRIND!

PLuSH Empress...says Like Whoa!

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