Friday, July 10, 2009

Do U Have PLuSH Pieces of Inspiration???

I've been in an intense creative mood lately; so much so, that I dove into some very interesting and important projects! I am so inspired I took pics to share with you, of the PLuSH and fashionable journey/projects/memorabilia I call my life, circa 2009 lol.

Every Lady that ever had a dream should pick this journal up!!! I've been working on it @ The Remix Project with Trexxx...PE goes hard!

Here is a peak inside my Tiffany Blue Scholar Agenda 2009:

(organization & inspiration are key)

Nextly PLuSH Empress' art section...

This is a piece of Art that I created the other day. Im very proud of my first painting (oil paint on canvas) who knows maybe one day it will be up for auction but for now it rests on my wall. PLuSH Embassy Baby ♥

This next painting on my wall is something I picked up at a Vintage sale. She's a PLuSH gypsy.

Next piece of Art on my wall is by my Dad artist Ras Stone...

Next piece of art was given to me by my mom. Can you believe she was going to throw this Egyptian piece out when my middle name is Makeda!!! I quickly adopted it.

Next print on my wall has a funny (inside joke) story behind it. I picked this piece up in Queens NY. Has anyone been to a gas station in flushing Queens that is lacking this character? LoLoLoL

Last painting is by a woman named Nicole. It hangs over my bed because I ♥ floral arrangements!

This section holds PLuSH Empress' trinkets...
Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers!

I ♥ angels!!!!!

Adorable mermaid...

Best greeting card ever...


Glass vase...
Pearl tree...
Crystal ball...

Golden Trunk...

I would tell you what's inside but then I'd have to kill you...just a lil jokie joke! lol

Vintage boot...

Now there is much more pieces for me to share (PE room tour coming up next) but I think I'll save that for another post!

After sharing with you some of PLuSH Empress' plush pieces we would love to know what PLuSH treasures you all are hiding at home!!!

If interested please send Jahmilla an email at

In the subject line please write RE: PLuSH Pieces of Inspiration!
In the body of your email please include: your name, horoscope sign, profession and hobbies/interests, as well as some high res pics of PLuSH pieces in your home and of yourself.

If chosen, your pics & description will be shared/displayed on the PLuSH blog!!!

**Also remember to take our sidebar quiz to the left**

Which PLuSH item can you NOT live without?

Results will be displayed next week!

PLuSH Empress...says show me what you got!

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