Saturday, January 10, 2009

Never leave home without "my PLuSH pieces cause you to suck your teeth" Nasir Jones said it...take the advice {Say Hi Hater & Live Big}

What do you know about a Vintage Cigarette/Blunt holder? Nothing but pure PLuSHness
Gents I'ma Bow Tie you up!

No one wears a crown such as this "Royal Diadem" from 1820 but I'm the PLuSH Empress of an Embassy of PLuSHanistas we're allowed!

If your PLuSH everything must be swank...including your lighters -- More Fiyah for Audrey!

Louis Vuitton Ties...for our PLuSH Gents

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Keepall55...for our PLuSH duffle bag boys's another classic I am a HUGE fan of (ie I own some) Vintage Hatbox Luggage

Tres Magnifique!

If your gonna play with barbies...make it an Expanded Edition Exotic Haute Couture Barbie!

This amenity went from tin/metal to porcelain to gold plated to an Exclusive $75,000 Swarovski Crystal toilet....need I say more!!!

Diamonds are indeed and will forever be a Girls BF...yeah thats right I said it BoyFriend lol! Remember: when shopping for Diamonds make sure you get the logistics. Inquire about certificates, inclusions, grading scales (cut, clarity, colour, carat weight, settings etc)!

The infamous slogan..."go take a hike" has reached a higher height...riding a bike has always been the more PLuSH thing to do {look great while exercising & reaching a destination all in one; such as Pink} If your looking to sell or buy a bike, in top notch condition, in Toronto visit Newson's Bike & Skate Exchange.

I know I am always hitched up behind my sunnies but the Parasol has forever been a PLuSH way to cover up from the suns rays...NOTE: these aren't not use them in the rain they will ruin.

When I have my little ones this is the only way they will be travelling outside of mommy & daddy's vehicles & everyday PLuSH Transportation...VIA Pram! How frickin adorable Kim Porter!

All I have to say is crackberry's are too Fing over-rated! Sidekick Bling me up instead!!!
You can get some, if not most, of the above items at reasonable prices in Toronto. Do your research! Price match ahead of time & most importantly shop in Vintage & Consignment stores!
Great places to start...boutiques in Yorkville, on Yonge & on Queen (both east & west) streets. You will never be rewarded unless you search for your golden ticket. Do not conform 2 da norm!
Peace, Love & PLuSHness...I do it for the people!
Jahmilla aka ~PLuSH Empress~

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