Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oprah Opens Up

Last week Monday’s episode of Oprah was one of the best episodes I have watched in months. It was the first show of the Best Life Series Event. She opened up about her weight loss and weight gain, over the past two decades, and the effect on her physical health; particularly the internal emotional struggle this has caused her.

This woman is SO phenomenal that I think this episode did an amazing job at humanizing her. As we have been reminded over and over again, money cannot always buy you a size 2, as well as it cannot buy you peace of mind, and it certainly cannot buy you health. I also found it quite fascinating that her personal trainer questioned the idea that Oprah was going through a mild depression. This idea was neither challenged nor supported…

I understand everyone has the right to privacy; but, if it were true Oprah's story would raise more awareness to the many women AND men battling depression. You are not alone…Thanks for spinning my wheel, and releasing some much needed tears.
Love you my strong, independent, virtuous woman!

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