Sunday, January 25, 2009

PLuSH Pieces (part2)

Nowadays, you can just about Swarovski Crystal anything up!

PLuSH says, try this one of a kind Swarovski Crystal USB Key (which comes in both heart & lock shapes) whether you're rushing to print that layout, article, essay, assignment; or just backing up files. This USB is the newest addition to keychain bling!

Now these are nice! I've always favoured DJ headphones over the singles that you put in your ears but they constantly fall out. And you hesitate to share them with others, fearing the caked on wax that may stick to the device. I mean, why not just put these custom made Fashion Rocks swarovski decorated headphones on and bang out. {the crystals are pink but you may select your own colour}

But, if the singles are what your used to check these out:

Talk about the latest in office equipment. I recently watched Life in the Fab Lane with Kimora Lee Simmons, designer for KLS & Babyphat, and she was sporting these on her office desk. I thought it was unreal; but, it turns out, there is actually a mass market for items such as these...the bling bling era lives on!

Continuing with the PLuSH office trend are crystal 'diamond ring' paperweights...because having a desk that is unpresentable is unacceptable. Organized desk = Organized mind.

For those of you who are high rollers and would like to have a pair of Crystal (paperweights above) playing dice (below) on hand...I know you can't stop thinking about cee-lo, craps, yahtzee and strat-o-matic!

Ok now this is Banana's! I mean, a custom Swarovski Crystal flat iron! This has got to be the most superficial thing I have ever encountered to date!

Walking canes are making a comeback, so why not invest in some crystal, dome top, pieces?!!! My bestie & I just got matching ones ~ they up the style & extra protection factors...strut it!

Swarovski Crystal embellished microphone for you Mariah Carey Diva's

Custom crystal opera glasses aka binoculars...get yours!

Ladies & Gents...don't forget to carry your liquors in style in these one of a kind

bedazzled crystal covered flasks

1 love, Jahmilla.

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