Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Dina! is the Perfect Plush Touch to a Near Perfect Outfit!

First & Last photo credits
Model: Sam Power
Photographer: Solange Richer de Lafleche
Make-up: Guylaine Richer de Lafleche
Designer: Oh Dina!

Local designer and fellow Ryerson University Fashion Design student, Nicole McInnis, is a woman with a vision. After studying millinery, her interest in it bloomed into a full on affair. Millinery (otherwise known as hat making) is definitely a lost art and Nicole may be single-handily bringing it back to the masses. Her use of colour and texture are impeccable and only the finest materials are used, such as, Pheasant, Coque, Nagorie, Mallard & Duck feathers to name a few.

I have always been very inspired by pin up and old school Hollywood glamour. With my designs, I am driven to create intricate and delicate pieces that command attention, says Nicole. I really believe that a hair accessory finishes off an outfit and creates a polished look. {Nicole, herself, photographed below}

Being a student, or young professional, the “it” bag or latest designer shoes may not be within our reach. But at $25-$50 a pop, these “little lovelies” (as quoted by Nicole) may very well solve that problem. Whether you want to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe, or freshen up your look for the club scene, Oh Dina! is guaranteed to have something to brighten up your day.

So where do you buy these little masterpieces?

If you’re ever in Halifax, you can stop by Lady Luck Boutique in the Hydrostone Market, 5519 Young St. Or try the Historic Properties, 1869 Upper Water Street.
For those in the Toronto area, you can snag one of her pieces on her Etsy Shop:

Nicole does custom orders. All you have to do is contact her online if you want to buy one (see link below) and I suggest you do. We need to support Toronto’s budding talent. Plus, with the amount of garbage in retail, I will gladly shell out $40 of my hard-earned money for one.

I am always so impressed by budding entrepreneurs and, even more so, by those still in school. As a design student, I truly appreciate a hand-crafted piece. We need to be more critical of what we are wearing, where it came from and what it means. I, for one, have purchased an Oh Dina! and it’s the best purchase I have made in a long time. Yeah, her pieces can definitely get a wear!

Written by: Andrea G. of the PLuSH "Paparazzi" Embassy street team.

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