Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rockabye PLuSH Lullaby...Frank Sinatra and his PLuSH status! For the "Young at Heart" this is sincerely for you!

Frank Sinatra...singing me to sleep! {on the record^ "Young at Heart" for the's late!} I've heard some say, the last thing you'll think about before falling asleep is what you'll dream about. Long after I've tried to replace my thoughts with numbers, I aid the mind with music and try my best to put my mind at ease and catch some zzzzzzzz's. (One eye open of course lol).
For those of you who know little about Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra:
Frank Sinatra was a December Sagittarius born in Hoboken New Jersey to Italian parents, Natalie Della aka Dolly (a political party circle member who ran an illegal abortion business from home...*on the grind*) and Anthony Martin Sinatra (a firefighter). Frank was spoiled by his mother who always made sure he had cash in his pocket and the finest clothes on his back.

Despite being quickly expelled from high school, due to unruly behaviour, and his mother being charged + convicted for her operations, Sinatra was inevitably bound for success in both music and film, specifically "Las Vegas Nights" circa 1940. While working at the Jersey Observer newspaper as a delivery boy Mr. Sinatra got his first big break, joining a singing group which later became know as the Hoboken Four.
Some of Sinatra's popular solo prformances include "New York, New York" (I soo feel him), "Fly Me to the Moon," "One for my Baby" and L.A is My Lady." Seems like Sinatra had destination destiny on his mind! No wonder I'm drifting asleep.
Frank Sinatra was great enough to retire and make a short and sweet comeback performing/working, for the time being, with greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones and Bono "I've Got You Under my Skin," etc. Carrying on his legacy, Sinatra left behind 3 children. He was married 4 times, 3 of his wives being popular actress,' Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow & Barbara Marx whom he left widowed. Playa playa?...or...sucker for love?

Frank Sinatra was/is remembered by the
U.S. Congress which passed a resolution May 20, 2008 designating May 13 as Frank Sinatra Day to honor his contribution to American culture, even though there has been considerable controversy surrounding his mafia connection to Dons Sam Giancana, Lucky Luciano and Joseph Fischetti. The FBI kept Sinatra under surveillance for nearly five decades...ya that's right 50 years! Nevertheless, the U.S. Postal Service issued a 42-cent postage stamp in honor of Sinatra on May 13, 2008, 10 years after his death. But, will this collectable serve as another memento of a man from a secret 'untouchable' society or was Sinatra's, reality/existance a mask adorned to cover up, (and often depict) in art form, what he felt he could not escape?
In essence: are we licking, sealing and posting our manilla envelopes with the epitome of the American Dream or is it all just a visage from a dream deferred??
What will you do when you fall prey to absolute circumstance? Handle your business and sing about your blues to the world...Salute Sinatra!

Listen to the record:

Peace & Love from Jah Jah.

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