Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Life in the FAB Lane is on it's second season...all hail Kimora Lee, Ming Lee & Aoki Lee Simmons
Both Angela & Vanessa Simmons have moved out & moved on from Rev Run's House. They are on their own living the California Life. Catch up with them on their new show Daddy's Girls on MTV...those Louboutins Angie's wearing are Clutch!
Cast photo below (from left to right) includes: friend...Alycia (what is she wearing?...this ain't Girlicious!...ruined it for everybody), Vanessa Simmons, cousin Jessica and Angela Simmons
From G's...
[Mr. Fonzworth we need to be in touch I have a couple people I want to sign up, their willing...come to Canada!]

To Gent's.

From G's to Gent's is a new reality series hosted and produced by the industries finest Fonzworth Bentley (Puffy's former assisstant), photographed in the brown pinstripe suit above.
He opens his club to 10+ contestants who claim they are G's, aka gangsters, with the dreams of changing their attitudes and perspectives before they lose all control.
The Gent's must read the Daily Gent News and complete a new task that teaches them the in's and out's of important lessons such as ettiqutte, while trying not to rip each other's heads off. In the end, the person who is chosen to be the first representative of the Bentley Gentlemens Club wins a large sum of cash $! Provided they use it to turn their lives around and become proper business men. Salute to a debonair Fonzworth Bentley who keeps these men in check.
This show is truely REVOLUTIONARY! Jah says so.

Let me introduce you to the winner: Creepa, a previous self-professed "goon" -- someone who is hired to terrorize; a roughneck, or as they would say in QB, a thoroughbred. (mind you, goons often have intense their people...ride or die for the movement...their a sort of panther if you will)

On his journey, Creepa was generally the big brother of the one wanted to mess with him, he spoke the truth and protected turf. There were many barriers Creepa had to overcome for himself though; he went through many sorts of rebirths...a mighty long baptism. He ditched the mouth full of gold, the shades, aka hater blockers, and even switched up his hair style all on his own. A man's first helicopter ride (on the way to lunch with Fonzworth. I know how that must feel...BIG GRIN :-)

Everyone meet Thaddeus, formerly known as Creepa! The first member of the Bentley Gentlemen's club; he cleans up well. I must say when he first came on the show...I knew he would win. The best man: has heart, diligence, dedication, humble, shows authority, recognizes the good in life and in others. A true Gentle man. {watch season 1 at }
Keep up with the stars of "the City." Whitney Port (center...formerly on the Hills), Olivia Palermo (left...socialite) and Erin (right) as they focus their dedication on careers and social lives in New York City. {visit }
Loving their shoe game...the fashion in this show is BOD (BTS with in house designers)

Next up is Gorilla Unit, onto bigger and better projects. 50 cent presents The Money & The Power, is a reality series that is currently airing its first season on Much.
50 cent, or as the business world reffers to him as, Curtis Jackson has come up with a show based on providing a hard-working someone with an opportunity for his investment in their business venture. The competitors are split into two teams: Team Money & Team Power. Which do you think wins more challenges? That should be power of course! It's down to 4 competitors: Mehgan, in yellow to the left, Cornbreadd, far right, Larry in yellow to the right and Ryan, third from left. Stay tuned.

A new TV era with JD
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency:
Yes, you all know her from ANTM as the self professed "world's first supermodel." Janice Doreen Dickinson has moved her agnecy of models down to Miami. Watch her whoop them into shape and struggle to agree with her business partner. Overall, on the entertainment factor...I get my laugh in!

Janice hasn't changed a bit...still needs to grasp the center of attention...well, why not?

Yep, that's right...I do Keep Up With the Kardashians.

And you thought the Ritchie & Hiltons were bad...
Try dealing with socialite Kim Kard's family! The Kardashian's meet the Jenner's...wowsers! This party of eight are the most rambunctious familial group since the Brady Bunch. Poor Bruce and Rob surrounded by that much profanity; actually never mind, Bruce and Kris need to try and do a better job with the parenting practices. {can't lie my favourite episode is when momma Kris takes the girls to the shooting range}

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