Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still dreaming of Isla Moda

A year ago I posted a couple photos of Isla Moda - Fashion Island, an island in the Dubai "The World" project on the Plush Paparazzi facebook group. Who else to lead the design team but Sir Lagerfeld? The island is transforming into exactly what you would dream it to be... hotels, villas, boutiques; all designed by the biggest names in fashion & luxury. Could you imagine relaxing on a crystal white sand beach sippin' on Moet from a diamond cut glass with coasters embellished with the "CC" logo? While gorgeous modelesque bellboys hand you your Gucci beach towel as soon as you exit the Versace pool with Grecian inspired tile.....OK, fine. :P Let me be real with myself and admit that those who will dwell on this magestic island will be 65-year-olds with grossly overtanned leather skin and at least 20 plastic surgery operations.

.... A lady is allowed to dream right?

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