Friday, January 30, 2009

Vintage/Antique Rotary Phone-We need a PLuSH 1!

The PLuSH Embassy team has been searching & searching for a colourful antique rotary phone for our office. Maybe you can help us find the right one! {please leave a comment if you have any info on where to get an ultra chic & colourful one} See the following PLuSHosity ratings & preferences of rotary phones...we would like the phone to meet the requirements of our ultra luxe vision {1 being the least favourable, 10 being the PLuSHest of them all}.

Heart Shaped Marble Phone
{rating: 10}

Antique Rotary Phone {rating: 9}

Queens White Porcelan
Rotary Phone {rating: 8}

Italian Ceramic Blue Rotary Phone {rating: 7}

Retro Rotary Phone {rating: 6.5}

Pink Rotary
{rating: 6}

Black Metal Rotary Phone {rating: 5}

Gracias participantes!

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